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The Becker Radio Code will be sent by email immediately after receipt of payment (usually within 10 minutes) with a 100% money-back guarantee .

Please enter the serial number of the radio (see sample images) in the field. Alternatively, send a photo of the nameplate using the contact form, WhatsApp (+ 496051-4747448) or our chat service.


Radio models

We offer Becker radio codes for models such as Becker Alpine (MF), Avus, Basic, Cascade, DTM, Europe, Ferrari, Grand Prix, Harman, Indianapolis, Le Mans, Mexico, Marathon, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monza, Nissan , Online, Porsche, Solitude, Traffic, Mercedes, Audio 5 10 30, Bose, CD, Classic, CM, Exquisit, Sound 10 20 30, Special, Truckline, Idis  2580  and many more.

With the Becker IDIS 2580 model  a photo of the nameplate is required, and we need up to 24 hours here . for the investigation.

Radio code for BECKER / HARMAN

PriceFrom €4.99
VAT Included
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