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The Honda radio code will be sent by email immediately after receipt of payment (usually within 10 minutes) with a 100% money-back guarantee .

Please enter the serial number of the radio (see sample images) in the field. Alternatively, send a photo of the nameplate using the contact form, WhatsApp (+ 496051-4747448) or our chat service.

Radio models

We offer Honda codes for models such as Honda Accord, Civic, Jazz, Navigation, Pilot, CRV, Insight, Ridgeline, Oddysey, Panasonic and many more.

Where can I find the serial number?

The serial number can be found on the radio nameplate and, on some cars, on the side or inside of the glove compartment.

Furthermore, depending on the model, you can read it from the radio display using the following method:

Switch on the radio, "Code" appears on the display, now switch the radio off again.

Now hold down buttons 1 + 6 (on some radios the upper buttons Seek / Skip + Ch / Disc) and switch the radio on again.

Two blocks of numbers appear, starting with U and L (on some models also without a letter in front of it), as an example U1122 and L1234, please note these down and enter them in the field.

Radio code for HONDA

VAT Included
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